Day Trip

Merapoh Caves Exploration

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MYR 120.00

Gua Hari Malaysia. Gua Hari Malaysia founded on 16 September 2012 by explores from Malaysia, Croatia and England. The date is synonym with the birth of Malaysia thus; they named the cave as Gua Hari Malaysia (Malaysia Day Cave). The cave is unique with estimated 974m long stream, 6 waterfalss and 1 slide, that you need to go through to reach the ends. You need to crawl in crystal clear and cold water at the some point of the cave. There are also 5 cascades waterfalls with 5 – 10 meter height which you can enjoy the climbing and abseiling along your journey. This is one of the favorite caves for tourists on their trip to the Merapoh Caves Paradise. To reach the cave, you need 30 – 45 minutes jungle and river trekking from the 4WD drop off point. We had explore it, now we want to share our experiance with you guys. Let`s Gooooo!!!

  • Duration: Day Trip
  • Participant: 10 pax

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Antara cabaran gua hari malaysia...

Posted by Judin Trekkerz on Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Full Itinerary

Day 1
  • 0800am: Meet point at RA adventure office, Merapoh, Pahang
  • 0900am: Expedition Start
  • Lorry transfer to starting point
  • 45 minutes trekking to cave entrance
  • Cave safety briefing
  • Start caving exploration
  • Lunch pack
  • Continue journey
  • 0400pm: Estimate finished the exploration of Gua Hari Malaysia

The other things you need to know

What's Included
  • Profesional and experiance local guide
  • 4WD Ride
  • Jungle & River Trekking
  • Botanic Sightings: The smallest Rafflesia Species in the world
  • Adventure River Caves Explorations: Trekking + Climbing + Crawling + Abseiling + Swimming
  • Pack lunch is provided
Not Included
  • Extra Meals
  • Insurance
  • Tent / homestay if overnight
  • Not mention as per itinerary
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